Job offers 


Documentation Technician

Technical Research Assistant – Population Surveys

Quebec First Nations and Inuit Faculties of Medicine Program (QFNIFMP) Coordinator

FNLED Mobile Interviewer
(First Nations Labour and Employment Development Survey among the First Nations communities in Quebec)

In communities and other First Nations organizations

Communication Officer - First Nations Human Resources Development Commission of Quebec

Receptionist - Administrative Assistant - Assembly of First Nations Quebec-Labrador

Communication Project Officer - First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Substainable Development Institute

Seeking translators, revisers and transcribers 

Translators and revisers interested in taking mandates as freelancers must hold a bachelor’s degree in translation. Please send your résumé to Chantale Picard.

Seeking graphic designers and illustrators

The FNQLHSSC is preparing a list of suppliers in graphic design and illustration. Interested persons must send their curriculum vitae to Patricia Mathias.