Child Care Services

Childcare is an important component of the Early Childhood Sector’s current work. A quality childcare service can promote children’s harmonious development. Recognized by both interveners and various levels of government, this fact inspires many initiatives within First Nations communities seeking to improve services.

First Nations and Inuit Child Care Initiatives

The First Nations and Inuit Child Care Initiative (FNICCI) is a Canada-wide initiative that aims to improve the provision of childcare services in Indigenous communities. The objective is to attain levels that are similar to what is found in the rest of the country.

In practical terms, the FNICCI provides quality childcare services to parents who are entering the labour market or attending a training program.

The FNQLHSSC distributes FNICCI funds to participating communities throughout its territory.

Agreement with the Ministère de la Famille

The FNQLHSSC has a signed agreement with the Quebec’s Ministère de la Famille. The purpose of this agreement is to delegate part of the powers conferred on the Ministry under the Act and its regulations with respect to early childhood centres (ECC) and private childcare centres, and to establish the principles and parameters of this delegation. 

The main mandates being delegated are to:

  • issue, renew, revoke or suspend an ECC or private childcare centre permit in First Nations communities in Quebec;
  • inspect these ECCs and private childcare centres;
  • handle complaints.

The FNQLHSSC also acts as an advisor and provides technical and professional support to ECCs and private childcare centres with a view to promoting the sound management of these institutions.