Complaint process

The FNQLHSSC handles complaints filed against childcare services in First Nations communities in Quebec in the following situations:

  • When the children’s health and safety are being compromised in a worrisome way.
  • When the complainant’s initial efforts did not produce a satisfactory result.

Who can file a complaint?

Anyone in First Nations communities in Quebec. This may be, for example:

  • A parent who is a current or future user of a childcare service.
  • A childcare provider.
  • A staff or board member of a childcare service.
  • A member of the community in which the childcare service is located.

The FNQLHSSC handles complaints regarding childcare services in the communities that are signatories to the agreement with the Quebec’s Ministère de la Famille. Before filing a complaint, please consult the following list:

Ekuanitshit                                     CPE Mikupishakan

Gesgapegiag                                 Gesgapegiag Early Childhood Center

Kawawachikamach                        Sachidun Early Childhood Center

Kebaowek                                      Kebaowek Early Childhood Center

Kitcisakik                                        CPE Misipison

Kitigan Zibi                                     Wazoson Childcare Center

Lac-Simon                                      CPE Takinagan

Listuguj                                          Mawo'ltijig Mijjuaji'g Early Childhood Center

Long Point First Nation                  Amosesag Early Childhood Center

Mani-Utenam                                 CPE Auassis

Mashteuiatsh                                 CPE Auetissatsh

Matimekush                                   CPE Uatikuss

Natashquan                                   CPE Uapukun

Odanak                                          CPE Aw8ssisak

Pessamit                                        CPE Nuitsheuakan

Pikogan                                          CPE Mokaam

Timiskaming                                   Pidaban Early Childhood Center

Uashat                                            CPE Metuetau

Unamen Shipu                                CPE Nusuum

Grounds for complaint

Situations that may lead to a complaint are generally in regard to the quality of the childcare services that compromises attending children’s health and safety.

Here are some examples of permissible grounds for complaint:

  • An educator’s or staff member’s actions seem inappropriate to you.
  • Safety rules do not seem to be followed.
  • The service asks you to declare your child’s presence while he or she was absent. 

Complaint handling process

Once the complaint is filed, it will be processed in three steps:


1.           Receipt of the complaint

  • The FNQLHSSC acknowledges receipt to the complainant within five working days.

2.           Analysis of the complaint

  • The FNQLHSSC reviews the information and determines whether or not the complaint has permissible grounds.
  • If the complaint is deemed justified, the FNQLHSSC pursues the review and follow-up process.
  • If the complaint is not deemed justified, the FNQLHSSC contacts the complainant within 45 working days of having received the complaint to explain the reason for the refusal,* as well as the various other possible remedies (depending on the situation). 

3.           Review and follow-up

  • The FNQLHSSC examines the complaint to assign it and ensure the childcare service handles it.
  • The FNQLHSSC follows up on the corrective and recommended measures, then informs the complainant.*

*NOTE: In case of dissatisfaction, the complainant may file a new complaint.

All complaints will be treated confidentially.

How to file a complaint

  • Online:

Fill out the electronic form here.

  • By telephone (toll-free):

1-800-205-3344, ext. 2690