Community and Family Support

The Early Childhood Sector provides support to workers who strive to improve the care given to young children, from the prenatal period until they start school.

Using an overall and community approach based on the cultural distinctiveness, values and traditions which are upheld by the communities, the Early Childhood Sector offers support to the First Nations  

  • During preschool years, a period for which the Early Childhood Sector takes part in implementing the Head Start Program as well as community initiatives which foster the overall development of children, including their physical, social-emotional, cognitive, language and spiritual development.
  • In Maternal and Child Health for which it develops strategies designed to offer resources to workers who provide support to young First Nations families living in communities. Such support is given throughout the pregnancy and during the first years of the child’s life (0 to 6 years old).

The Early Childhood Sector has also set up a Cybercommunity of Practice in the Area of Maternal and Child Health in order to bring together the various workers who are located across the entire territory and a Childhood-Youth-Family Tools Directory designed to support those who work with individuals of ages 0 to 18 and their families.


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