Prevention of violence and aggression in the communities (PVAC) program

The FNQLHSSC’s Early Childhood Sector wants to prevent violence and aggressions in the First Nations communities, working with the other sectors of the Commission (Health, Social Services, Social Development, and Research) as well as with various social workers working with children of the communities from 0 to 6 years old. To do so, this project aims to improve the care and interventions given to young children from the prenatal period to the first day of school, to reinforce the support to early childhood programs and to parents in need. This will be done with a holistic, cultural and community approach based on the values and traditions that these communities want to favor and to hand down to their children.

The main activities expected from the project are:

  • Information and prevention sessions with and in the communities on interventions that prevent violence in early childhood.
  • Elaboration of appropriate contents that reflect traditional Aboriginal culture for up to date training and intervention tools on parenting skills, children social skills and teaching methods reflecting community traditions and approaches.
  • Develop training programs, intervention tools and implement violence prevention programs that reflect traditional Aboriginal values and beliefs for child care workers and provide them with training on strategies that promote peaceful behaviour among young children.
  • Organisation of training activities for Early Childhood program workers on interventions that encourage the teaching of peaceful conducts to young children reflecting values that the communities want to emphasize.
  • Clarification of support approaches to families in respect with the cultural parenting styles of each First Nations community.
  • Evaluation of the project implementation processes to allow the distribution in most of the communities.