Phases of the process

Phase 1: Portrait of the situation (2014-2016)

  • Identification and analysis of the processes of change in governance in health and social services carried out in the world in recent years.

Phase 2: Re-appropriation (2016-2018)

  • Re-appropriation of the federal government’s health and social services responsibilities: development of guidelines.
  • Development of an effective governance model.

Phase 3: Options (2018- ...)

  • Finalization of the governance model based on the responsibilities repatriated from FNIHB and INAC.

Phase 4: The choice (... -2020)

  • Summary of transformations.
  • Decision-support at the community and chiefs level.

Depending on the governance model that will have been chosen and in accordance with the wishes of the First Nations, other actions may be pursued, such as the completion of a feasibility study, negotiations with the federal and provincial governments and the drafting of a transition plan.