Vision, values and principles

Vision statement

In February 2014, the Chiefs of the Assembly of First Nations Quebec-Labrador adopted a vision statement during a special assembly. This vision will guide the health and social services governance project. 

Through our self-determination, a global and concerted approach, individual and collective commitment, we will be healthy people connected to Mother Earth and our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being will be balanced.


Six values were chosen during the FNQLHSSC’s Pre-Annual General Assembly in July 2014 and retained to guide this process. 

  • Honesty: To be sincere when facing a situation1
  • Respect: Is to honour all of the Creation2
  • Autonomy: Capacity of someone not to be dependent on others
  • Community: First Nations group whose members live overall, whether or not on a land base
  • Solidarity: Feeling of moral duty to support other community members
  • Assistance: Help that you wear to the members of the community



Eight principles were formulated and adopted by the Chiefs during a special assembly in February 2014.

  1. We affirm that our ceremonies, values, languages, teachings and traditional medicines, are an integral part of our way of living healthy life. 
  2. We affirm that the First Nations healing journey will be strengthened when considering the person and the environment as a whole.
  3. We affirm that the social determinants of health to First Nations are unavoidable to address health issues. 
  4. We affirm our right to self-determination and our inherent right to have and to freely pursue our own health, economic, social and cultural development.
  5. We affirm that the ten Nations are responsible for First Nations health.
  6. We affirm that responsibilities of the local and regional institutions are to manage, protect and enhance health and social services programs according to the mandates they received from Nations and First Nations communities.
  7. We affirm that our regional institution supports First Nations in their autonomy quest in supporting strategic alliance building between First Nations with governments in their organisation of health care and services, development of expertise as well as knowledge transfer.
  8. We affirm that the federal government has a legal and fiduciary duty and constitutional responsibility to provide adequate, sufficient and sustainable financial resources for the development, implementation, management and delivery of quality health programs and services that respond to our needs and taking into account the determinants of health. 

1 From the seven sacred teachings.
2 Unofficial translation of a definition used by the World Bank