Lifestyle Habits

Healthy lifestyle habits contribute to better health, for individuals and communities as well. This is why the FNQLHSSC offers and takes part in many initiatives designed to promote and maintain healthy lifestyle habits among First Nations.

Physical Activity

  • Professional Support Services, to identify habits, and subsequently develop and implement strategies which will promote healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Kirano Project, an intensive eight-week physical training program created for First Nations members.
  • Healthy Living Newsletter, published twice a year.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Prevention and Treatment

FASD is caused by a mother drinking alcohol during pregnancy and affects the individual, the mother, the family and the community. To learn more about FASD.


The FNQLHSSC provides advice and support on nutrition to communities in order to foster healthy eating habits among First Nations through several initiatives.

On the Path of Health Program!

  • Kirano Project, an extensive eight-week physical training program designed for First Nations members.
  • Eating Healthy During my Pregnancy for Baby and Me Brochure is a calendar that helps pregnant women make better food choices throughout their pregnancy.
  • Introduction Guide to Solid Foods Tailored for First Nations, which helps the parents of newborns make the transition from a milk-based diet to a diet which includes First Nations traditional solid foods.

Nutrition program in schools: a series of workshops on nutrition designed to integrate healthy eating habits for all educational levels; from kindergarten to grade 6. Materials required to hold the workshops are included.


  • Stay Smoke-Free and Healthy, an activity book which provides information on the risks associated with smoking to the youth in grades 5 and 6.
  • Healing from Smoking is a program which prepares smokers to quit smoking and supports them in their efforts.
  • Posters designed to encourage smokers to adopt a more responsible behaviour.
  • Ex-Smokers Certificates, created to support ex-smokers and congratulate them on their efforts.

Drug Utilization Prevention and Promotion

The objective of the project was to increase awareness and understanding among the members of one community about problems resulting from prescription drugs abuse, the preferred objectives to meet this priority were to raise awareness about the negative consequences related to the abuse of prescription drugs, and secondly, to promote traditional behaviours and self-esteem, which in turn would encourage a healthier lifestyle and habits as regards prescription drugs.