In order to support communities in their tobacco control project approach and as part of the First Nations and Inuit component of Health Canada’s Federal Tobacco Control Strategy, the FNQLHSSC developed a toolkit that was presented at the regional meeting held on June 10-11, 2015. The FNQLHSSC is now available to help communities in the development, implementation and evaluation of their respective project.

Available Resources

Stay Smoke-free and Healthy

The Stay Smoke-free and Healthy activity book has been designed for children in grades 5 and 6.

It explains the historical and cultural use of tobacco by First Nations and emphasizes the health effects of smoking and its consequences on our environment.  

Using playful activities (such as games, puzzles and pictures), the youth are made aware of the risks related to the use of tobacco and are better informed when they make their own choices.

Healing from Smoking

The FNQLHSSC has adapted the Healing from Smoking program to support and guide people who wish to quit smoking.  

The manual includes specific steps to prepare and support smokers in their efforts to quit:

  1. Explanations on the use of tobacco, addiction to tobacco, and quitting smoking;
  2. Mental preparation;
  3. Spiritual preparation;
  4. Physical preparation;
  5. Social preparation and support;
  6. Action plan to quit smoking.

The manual includes a quiz as well as a self-evaluation at each step so that the reader may clearly identify his needs, risk behaviours, and which situations must be avoided in order to successfully become smoke-free.


The FNQLHSSC created posters to encourage smokers to adopt a more responsible behaviour. The posters include the following themes:

  • Respecting others is not smoking in a vehicle;
  • Being responsible is picking up your cigarettes;
  • Being responsible is not supplying cigarettes to minors;
  • Respecting others is smoking outside.

Survey on the Use of Tobacco

In this chapter, the First Nations Longitudinal Health Survey (2002) provides a more thorough analysis of smoking habits among First Nations.

Read the chapter on the use of tobacco

Certificates for Ex-smokers

To encourage or congratulate ex-smokers on their efforts, you may use the following certificates:

  • Humour Certificate
  • Ex-smoker’s Certificate
  • Certificate for Pregnant Ex-smokers