Program Evaluation


The Research Sector of the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission (FNQLHSSC) evaluates some of the projects and programs that are intended for the communities.

The objectives of these program evaluations consist of assessing:

  • The relevance of the projects or programs;
  • The effectiveness of the implemented measures and the impacts of the projects and programs.

In addition to determining whether the objectives of the projects or programs have been achieved, evaluating the outcomes helps put forward recommendations aiming to improve the projects or programs, the planning and the quality of the interventions.  

Current evaluation projects

Many project and program evaluations are conducted by the Research Sector of the FNQLHSSC such as:

  • The health and social services governance process of the Quebec First Nations;
  • The funding agreement reached with Health Canada;
  • The impacts of the agreement reached between the FNQLHSSC and Avenir d’enfants;
  • The implementation of a support framework for the First Nations communities and organizations.


Completed evaluation projects 

  • The diabetic retinopathy remote screening project;
  • The pilot project focused on the establishment of a mental wellness mobile team;
  • The Preventing Violence and Aggression in the Communities (PVAC) Project;
  • The mental health prevention program which focuses on First Nations families and culture;
  • The On the Path to Health school education program, which promotes healthy eating;
  • The First Nations OPTRA Framework Program;
  • The programs which consist in redefining active measures, whose clientele focuses on income security recipients;
  • The establishment of the individualized profile and individualized action plan in order to fight against social and economic exclusion led by guidance counsellors and employment counsellors;
  • The training project for the First Nations child and family programs and services.

Published evaluations

  • Implementation Evaluation of the First-Line Social Services Pilot Project in Four Quebec First Nations Communities;
  • Assessing Continuing Care Requirements in First Nations and Inuit Communities;
  • Evaluation of the Diabetic Retinopathy Remote Screening Pilot Project among Quebec First Nations (Phase 1);
  • Final Evaluation Report – Mental Wellness Team Pilot Project – 2009-2013;
  • Evaluation of the Project supporting the development of collaboration agreements in mental health and addictions between First Nations communities and health and social services centres (CSSSs);
  • Teleophthalmology – Diabetic Retinopathy Screening among First Nations in Quebec: Evaluation from 2010 to 2015;
  • Culturally-based, family-centred mental health promotion program for Aboriginal youths – Province of Quebec.