As with the overall population, the number of elders in First Nations communities is increasing.

Isolation and precarious financial situations are frequently part of our elders’ lives. It is imperative that the Social Development Sector intervene with these individuals.

The First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission (FNQLHSSC) works closely with the Quebec government as part of its action plan to counter elder abuse. Although the First Nations are traditionally known for their respect towards their elders, they are also concerned about this issue. Conditions such as overcrowding, poverty, and isolation in communities are risk factors for abuse and violence against elders. The population must be made aware of the importance of the well-being of elders.  

The FNQLHSSC works in collaboration with coordinators from various regions across Quebec in order to pool the available services and resources, while ensuring that the First Nations distinctiveness is taken into consideration.  


The Quebec First Nations Social Development Sector is actively engaged in this area of intervention so as to

  • Provide communities and organizations with information and assure them of the FNQLHSSC’s collaboration;
  • Foster the implementation of actions and information update;
  • Make information available to First Nations communities and organizations;
  • Foster a continuum of available services;
  • Identify the specific needs of the communities and encourage them to search for solutions;
  • Maximize actions for the wellness of First Nations elders.


To obtain further information on the Social Development Sector’s activities involving the well-being of elders, you may contact Ms. Maude Ostiguy-Lauzon,