Socioeconomic Conditions

Many statistics show that the socioeconomic conditions of First Nations in Quebec and Canada are well below the living conditions of the rest of Canadians.
(Sources : AFNQL, 2007; Quebec Population Health Research Network, 2008; Health Canada, 2003; FNQLHSSC, 2006.)

Shorter life expectancy, income below Quebec’s provincial average, and contaminated and crowded homes, are just a few examples.  

In 2001, Canada was ranked 8th on the United Nations Human Development Index. However, it was ranked 76th when only the First Nations’ conditions were considered as a whole, ranking Canada among third world countries.
(Source : Assembly of First Nations, Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples at 10 Years: a Report. 2006.)

Tangible Initiative

To fight hunger and help the youth succeed in school, the First Nations Health and Social Services Commission of Quebec and Labrador (FNQLHSSC) has formed a partnership with the Club des petits déjeuners du Québec (Quebec Breakfast Club).

The purpose of this initiative is to set up this breakfast project in all Aboriginal communities across the province of Quebec.


To learn more about the various resources provided by the FNQLHSSC to improve the First Nations socioeconomic conditions, you may contact Mr. Patrick Bacon, Socioeconomic Conditions Program Agent,