Income Security Program

The Social Development Sector, which is governed by the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission (FNQLHSSC), is mandated to

  • Advise the Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador (AFNQL) on actions to be taken as regards income security;
  • Effectively guide the implementation of the First Nations of Quebec Income Security Framework Policy;
  • Assist First Nations communities in establishing the income security plan.

First Nations of Quebec Income Security Framework Policy

The purpose of this policy framework is to establish an income security plan which is adapted to the cultural and socioeconomic context of the communities. The framework policy allows for

  • Greater flexibility for the services provided;
  • Establishment of local regulations;
  • Recognition of clients who are frequently overlooked by governmental regulations.

Its implementation falls under the responsibility of the First Nation Council that adheres to the Framework policy; it may also be restrained by the type of funding agreement which exists between the community and Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC).

Each community benefits from the services provided by the Social Development Sector as regards normative support and continuing training for counsellors and managers.

Provincial Plan

In its approach for income assistance policies, the standards of the program and the income assistance benefits must be fairly comparable to those of the province or territory of residence;

In addition, First Nations who do not implement the framework Policy may contact the Social Development Sector to request any needed assistance regarding the interpretation of the regulations related to last-resort financial assistance.


To obtain further information on the framework policy, or on the Social Development Sector’s other initiatives, you may contact Ms. Rosalie Sioui,