Child and Family Services

The development and social well-being of the First Nations requires they manage the social services system while respecting the First Nations autonomy, capacity and authority. This management must be performed according to a global approach focusing on:

  • Life promotion;
  • The healthy development of the children and families;
  • The fight against poverty and social exclusion.

All of the children and their families must have access to quality services that:

  • Are controlled by the community;
  • Are culturally-appropriate;
  • Promote the use of their language;
  • Allow all children and their families and communities as a whole to achieve their full potential since they are the ones we must bank on in order to guarantee a better future for everyone.

Support offered by the FNQLHSSC

The mission of the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission (FNQLHSSC) is to promote and ensure the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of the First Nations and Inuit individuals, families and communities while fostering access to comprehensive health and social services programs that are culturally-appropriate and designed by First Nations organisations that are recognised and sanctioned by the local authorities while respecting the cultures and the local autonomy.   

The FNQLHSSC also helps the communities that so desire to set up and promote health and social services programs and services that are adapted and designed by First Nations organisations.  

Within this context, the FNQLHSSC helps the social services workers to provide the families with first-line preventive social services that are culturally-appropriate and adapted to the context of their communities in order to help the youth experiencing difficulties while keeping them within their communities.  

The FNQLHSSC also supports the workers who must ultimately resort to the youth protection measures in order to preserve the safety or development of the child.