First-line services

First-line social services are offered as part of First Nations child and family services to support parents, children and families in the communities by way of overall preventive and culturally-adapted services.

These services work in the best interests of children, families and communities by maintaining family, cultural and social links.


The objectives of these services are to:

  • prevent and reduce the rate of reported cases and the number of cases in which the authorities take over responsibility for the child;
  • prevent and reduce the number and length of placements outside the family and community of origin;
  • promote and reinforce early intervention with children and parents before the family situation can worsen;
  • act on the main risk and protection factors;
  • develop individuals’ and communities’ strengths and skills.

The services offered to children, teenagers and their families use a multidisciplinary and intersectoral approach.

Role of the Commission

The First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission has the responsibility to advise and support non-agreement First Nations communities in Quebec in the planning, implementation and evaluation of first-line child and family support services.

The FNQLHSSC contributes to the implementation and coordination of regional strategic plans and supports the work to establish local plans in each community.

It also supports the development of health and social services workers’ skills in their different areas of expertise.