• North American Indigenous Games (NAIG)
Feb 04, 2015

NAIG COUNCIL celebrates the continuing success of the games : Council Prepares to Launch the Bid Process for the 2017 NAIG


The North American Indigenous Games Council met in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on November 13-15, 2014. The meeting was hosted by the Aboriginal Sport and Wellness Council of Ontario.


During its meeting, the NAIG Council received a presentation from the Regina 2014 NAIG Host Society. The Council took the opportunity to reflect on the successes of the 2014 NAIG and gave high praise to the host First Nations of the File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council, province of Saskatchewan and the City of Regina for their tremendous hospitality. The 2014 Host Society will submit its final report to NAIG Council early in the new year.

NAIG Council commissioned an independent firm, Praxis Consulting, to conduct a Social Impact Study of the NAIG during the 2014 Games. Praxis Consulting interviewed hundreds of participants through in person interviews and an online survey. Some notable findings include:


Sports Involvement

  • 96% of participants indicated intent to stay actively involved in competitive sport after 2014 NAIG


    Lifestyle Choices

  • 97% indicated intent to maintain healthy diets post 2014 NAIG
  • 70% of athletes indicated intent to pursue at least a university degree
  • 25% of athletes indicated intent to pursue a graduate studies designation
  • 52% of participants believed NAIG had an influence or great influence on their decision to pursue further education


    Self Confidence and Worth 

  • 77% believed they felt different about themselves after participating in 2014 NAIG
  • 91% believe that others in their communities saw them as role models
  • 89% felt more confident from competing in 2014 NAIG


The NAIG Council will continue discussion with Praxis Consulting to interpret the data and how to best share the exciting results with our members and other supporters. The full report is 100+ pages and are just scratching the surface of the far reaching impacts of the NAIG.

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