• Serving First Nations children: First Nations students receive their certificate in early childhood education
Feb 23, 2015

By Jean-François Ducharme (UQAM)

Students of the first French cohort of the First Nations who were registered in the early childhood education certificate program celebrated the end of their studies, last September 26th, at the Longueuil Campus. The objective of this program was to train people so that they are able to meet the specific needs of Aboriginal children and their families. Not only did this program aim to provide the students with tools so that they can identify the problems that have an impact on the development of children, it also aimed to promote their contribution to the development of specialized programs and services.

Fourteen graduates, most of whom worked in an early childhood centre in their communities during their studies, began their studies in January 2013. For five consecutive quarters, they received their courses according to special arrangements. Part of their training was provided in an intensive fashion in Montreal, primarily at the Longueuil Campus. The students also received distance courses at home using videoconferencing.

This project was made possible thanks to an agreement that was reached between UQAM, the First Nations Education Council (FNEC) and the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission (FNQLHSSC). Program coordination and the monitoring of student files were conducted at the Longueuil Campus.

To highlight the perseverance of the First Nations educators, a cocktail reception in their honour took place which was attended by the Vice-President, Academic Life, René Côté, the Dean of the Faculty of Education, Monique Brodeur, the Program Manager, Nathalie Bigras, Professor at the Pedagogical Department as well as Danielle Goulet and Celine Yon from the FNQLHSSC.