• Innu Meshkenu – The awareness walk by Dr. Stanley Vollant continues!
Mar 10, 2015

Dr. Stanley Vollant undertook another section of the Innu Meshkenu. This new 460 km stage, which will last a little over three weeks, will lead the group of twenty walkers to traverse the Innu, Inuit and Naskapi territories in the North Shore and Nord-du-Québec regions.

Thanks to a donation by artist Marc Séguin, whose works are seen and collected in many countries by museums, galleries, and public, private and museum collections, a fundraising campaign held in Montreal helped raise a few thousand dollars. Geneviève Desbiens purchased the main work for the sum of $10,000. Prestige reprographies signed by the artist were also sold at a cost of $1,000. 

Dr. Vollant is pleased to continue the mission he began more than four (4) years ago. Through this approach, he is particularly interested in meeting First Nations youth to talk to them about the importance of having dreams, choosing a healthy lifestyle, and persevering in their studies. He says: “A walk is a very intense moment for the participants. They are faced with conditions that require determination and commitment which lead them to excel as an individual but also as a group. At each stage of the Innu Meshkenu, there are unique moments that are experienced which transform lives.” (translation)


Walkers from this edition left from the Naskapi community of Kawawachikamach on March 1st. The arrival in Kuujjuaq is scheduled for March 25th. You can monitor in real time the progress of their walk and view the daily diary of Dr. Vollant on the Facebook page of Innu Meshkenu and on the website: