• New diabetic retinopathy nurses and technicians/instructors
Mar 10, 2015

The FNQLHSSC took the opportunity at the Health Forum to honour four new diabetic retinopathy technicians/instructors. In order to ensure the continuity of the service and to transfer expertise to First Nations, these technicians/instructors received training in order to provide training in communities that have experienced a staff turnover and are without nurses or technicians to screen for diabetic retinopathy. Nurse training was provided by Dr. David Lederer, Ophthalmologist, and Ms. Isabelle Cornet, Nurse Trainer at the FNQLHSSC. Technician training was provided by Ms. Louise Tanguay, Special Telehealth Projects Manager, also from the FNQLHSSC.

Remote diabetic retinopathy screening is a service offered in 18 First Nations communities in Quebec. The first 4 communities to provide this service began screenings in 2010 and gradually other communities have been added.

Congratulations to Angela Rodgers, from the community of Winneway and working at Pikogan Health Center, Jennifer Presseault, working at Eagle Village Health Center, Louise Niquay, member of the community of Wemotaci, and Tina Chevrier-Raymond, from Eagle Village.

They now have the necessary tools to offer training in each community interested.

To receive their services, it is important to note that you must continue to contact Ms. Louise Tanguay at the FNQLHSSC. 

On the photo: Louise Niquay, Louise Tanguay, Tina Chevrier-Raymond, Jennifer Presseault and Isabelle Cornet

Angela Rodgers, from the community of Winneway was not present at the event