• Early Childhood Week ― Hand in hand for the little ones!
Nov 01, 2016

November 20 to 26, 2016

The countdown has begun! Mere days stand between us and Early Childhood Week. Several activities are taking shape to confirm that we are mobilizing for early childhood.

This first initiative will contribute to updating the plan to implement the Declaration of the Rights of First Nations Children (DRFNC).

More precisely, this collaborative effort with the Fondation Lucie et André Chagnon meets three DRFNC objectives:


-  Declaring and further promoting the rights of First Nations children;

-  Setting out the roles and responsibilities of the administrations and leadership of our nations and of the Chiefs in Assembly;

-  Providing guidance for interactions with the federal and provincial governments.


During Early Childhood Week, the FNQLHSSC and its partners will propose that each community walk and gather around a fire to listen to stories and legends related to early childhood. Likewise, seven candles will be offered to each community, representing the seven generations and referring to the importance of taking action today for the next seven generations
The communities will also be invited to take photos of their activities and the people who gather together during this week. The FNQLHSSC will promote your activities and prepare a mosaic of all your photos.



At the beginning of November, the communities will receive kits to help them prepare and rally around early childhood. Moreover, with the help of the Fondation Lucie et André Chagnon, the communities and partners will be able to order buttons and other promotional material featuring the hallmark that symbolizes the call to make early childhood a priority.



A hallmark representing our mobilization for early childhood

The hallmark depicts all members of all communities joining hands to generate the synergy needed to make early childhood a priority. The pastel colours evoke the colours associated with early childhood. A “First Nations” version of the hallmark is being prepared.