• Proposal for capacity-building on information governance by and for First Nations in Quebec
Oct 11, 2017

The FNQLHSSC has been working since last spring to develop a proposal aiming to strengthen local and regional capacities in information governance. At the pre-annual general assembly of the FNQLHSSC on July 12, a workshop was held to allow participants from the First Nations communities and regional organizations to express their local needs related to various aspects of information governance. Whether to enhance the use of data, ensure the security and confidentiality of the data or to better manage requests for participation in research projects, the discussions highlighted the need for support and training as well as the fact that there are no local human resources dedicated to information governance.

The results of this workshop have allowed for improving the proposal focused on capacity-building. This proposal was submitted in September to the First Nations Information Governance Centre to obtain funding from Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada. The First Nations communities and organizations will be kept informed of developments.