• Towards the pursuit of our aspirations: Working together to promote the development of our young children
Oct 11, 2017


This past September 26-28, the regional meeting of the coordinators of Avenir d’enfants community projects was held. The meeting, which took place at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Québec City, brought together 25 coordinators and collaborators from 23 communities. Pierre Prévost and Armance Brandenburg of Avenir d’enfants were also on hand to meet with and briefly address the participants.

With “Towards the pursuit of our aspirations” as the meeting’s theme, the participants were invited to share their experiences concerning the implementation of a community project intended to promote children’s development. To that end, the organizing team gave the participants an opportunity to do some networking, by which they could share their achievements and challenges, come up with ideas and solutions, and develop a network of contacts.

The coordinators formed sub-groups to reflect on the final planning process they will engage in over the coming weeks. This exercise allowed them to see the impacts their projects have on the children in their communities and to consider how to ensure the sustainability of these results.

Lastly, the participants were given a presentation on the creation of environments conducive to the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits. The presentation set out the principles that will allow them to make healthy lifestyle habits a transversal component of the projects they develop.

The coordinators of the community projects thus left this meeting with new tools they can use to develop their final planning for their Avenir d’enfants projects. We wish them every success!