• Great Activity Ideas for Elders This Holiday Season
Dec 12, 2017

With the approach of the holidays, it is good to be able to brighten the lives of First Nations elders by organizing events that break the isolation, promote wellness and bring joy to their hearts. Here are some initiatives from a few communities that can inspire you to organize activities for the holiday season.


The community of Wendake organizes collective kitchens intended for elders. These activities, which are led by a nutritionist and a social worker, aim to provide meals that help prevent malnutrition and break the isolation.


The Wendake elders committee is also organizing a bingo lunch and a cruise-themed Christmas lunch in December.


In Odanak, a gift exchange between elders and adolescents takes place around Christmas festivities and traditions. This activity promotes well-treatment and fosters intergenerational solidarity.


The community of Manawan offers a sewing, embroidery and knitting workshop every Monday evening at their mother and child centre. In addition, on one Monday evening per month, a bingo and gift party is organized. The elders bring presents and the evening’s winners choose a gift from all the packages. A Christmas supper for the elders is held on December 20 featuring facilitation, gifts and a visit from Santa Claus.


The elders of Uashat mak Mani-Utenam are invited to a lunch to gather and exchange. It is also a form of recognition to them. Each member of the community ages 65 years and over receives an invitation card. The activity is free and will feature games as well as participation prizes.


The community of Wôlinak also offers several activities. The Vieillir et s’épanouir group organizes the “achieving your goals” activity. The Abazi group holds meetings a few times in December for people ages 50 years and over. Finally, the “Niona – living memory” activity, which takes the form of outdoor interviews, also takes place in December.