• Quebec First Nations Health and Social Services Governance Process
Dec 13, 2017

An effective governance model proposed to First Nations


On November 21 and 22, a regional meeting on the Quebec First Nations health and social services governance process was held in Montréal. This regional meeting was a key step in the process. A governance model, which had been developed based on suggestions and guidelines formulated by the First Nations communities and organizations, was proposed to the participants.


The discussions and workshops particularly allowed participants to:


• Learn about the proposed governance model and provide feedback;

• Assess the impacts and suggest ways to improve it;

• Identify the next steps in the process.


The regional meeting brought together general directors and health and social services directors from the First Nations communities and organizations, two elders as well as representatives from treatment centres, Quebec Native Women and the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Youth Network. In total, 23 communities were represented at this meeting.


The proposed governance model includes local and regional governance and features the four components of effective governance (authority, stakeholder involvement, regulation and intervention) in addition to guidelines developed by First Nations regarding planning, accompaniment and decision-making and the health and social services directors network, which is now more inclusive so that it can be more representative of all First Nations communities and organizations.


The participants positively welcomed the proposed model and its structure. They had the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback. Through a workshop-based format, they were also asked to improve the model and suggest modifications. At the end of the meeting, the participants indicated that they were satisfied and felt that the continuation of the work is on the right track.


The summary report of the meeting, in which the main results of the discussions will be presented in more detail, will be available in the winter of 2018.



For more information on the Quebec First Nations health and social services governance process, visit the following website.


Please note that the FNQLHSSC team is available for a visit to your community or organization. To schedule a visit or if you have any questions about the governance process, please contact Patrice K. Lacasse by email at, or by telephone at 418‑842-1540, ext. 2103.