• “Explore your data” workshop
Dec 14, 2017

 The “Explore your data” workshop was held on October 24, 2017, as part of the Health Directors Network meeting. The objective of this workshop, which was proposed by the research sector of the FNQLHSSC, was to provide individualized support to managers so they can explore the health and well-being data of their communities and nations.


For an hour, each participant benefited from the expertise of a research agent to view and interpret the health and well-being data on First Nations communities found in various information tools (I-Zoom, Surveillance Portal, Cycle convention and RHS reports – see box).


This initiative results from a request by a user of the Surveillance Portal who suggested this kind of workshop during a consultation in order to better address Health Directors’ needs and concerns.


Given the success of this initiative, another workshop should be held at the next Health Directors Network meeting, which will take place in Québec City.


Participants and research agents are discussing during the workshop.




Various information tools
on First Nations health and
well-being are made available
to managers and interveners:


RHS reports

REEES reports

Surveillance Portal

Cycle convention for community data



Access to the Surveillance Portal and Cycle convention are limited. To obtain an access code, please contact:


Marie-Jeanne Disant (Surveillance Portal) at 418-842-1540, extension 2504.

Jonathan Leclerc (Cycle convention) at 418-842-1540, extension 2502.