• The Kateri Memorial Hospital Centre in Kahnawake educates and engages its staff regarding elder abuse and well-being
Mar 12, 2019

From January 14 to the 18, 2019, the Kateri Memorial Hospital Centre in the community of Kahnawake offered training and awareness sessions focused on elder abuse to its employees. Their objective was to help the employees to gain a better understanding of the context in which elder abuse can occur and how to detect abuse and recognize the signs, and to be prepared to be able to react in a benevolent and efficient way.

In total, nearly 70% of the employees took part in the “It’s not right!” training session, which aims mainly to make people aware of the different forms of abuse. Participants included nurses, home attendants, nutritionists, etc.

As a result of these sessions, responses to the questionnaire completed by staff members revealed that, for some, it remains difficult to understand that abuse can sometimes be unintentional. The Kateri Memorial Hospital Centre is therefore continuing its awareness-raising efforts in this area, which does not exclude the possibility of extending its awareness initiatives to the entire community since concrete actions will contribute to putting a stop to elder abuse.