• Update on the work of the Working Group on the Decision-Making Process
Mar 12, 2019

Caucus of the Health and Social Services Directors Network on January 22, 2019

During the January 2019 caucus, Denis Lessard, member of the Working Group on the Decision-Making Process, presented background information as well as an update on the work of the Working Group. This update noted the various recommendations made from July to December 2018 on the distribution of additional funding for the First Nations communities totaling nearly $9.5 million. The guide aiming to formalize the decision-making process was also presented to the directors for comments.

Working Group meeting on January 23, 2019

During this meeting, the Working Group had the opportunity to learn more about the many terms and conditions as well as the challenges surrounding the development of funding formulas by the First Nations Education Council. In addition, recommendations were developed regarding funding from the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer. These recommendations, which targeted the fair and equitable distribution of this funding, were submitted to the Health and Social Services Directors on January 24, 2019.

Working Group meeting on February 20-21, 2019

During this most recent meeting, directions were provided regarding the allocation of different sources of funding including the eHealth Infostructure Program and the Health Services Integration Fund. The Working Group also provided directions to support future decision-making, as well as on the scope of its involvement in relation to certain sources of funding. Finally, the Working Group presented the guide aimed at formalizing the decision-making process to representatives of Indigenous Services Canada. Their comments will be integrated into the guide, which will then be presented to the Chiefs for their approval.

The growing involvement of First Nations in making the decisions that affect them in the area of health and social services is an important and tangible impact of the work of the Working Group on the Decision-Making Process.