• Are you a Sixties Scoop survivor? You may be entitled to compensation.
Mar 13, 2019

Following the class action lawsuits that were filed against the Government of Canada by Sixties Scoop survivors, the courts approved a settlement that provides for compensation to certain survivors for the loss of cultural identity they suffered.

The settlement is for:

  • People with Indian Status (as defined by the Indian Act) or Inuit or persons who are eligible for Indian Status;
  • People who were removed from their homes in Canada between January 1, 1951 and December 31, 1991 and placed with non-Aboriginal adoptive parents or foster families.

The individual payment application deadline is August 30, 2019.

For more information, please contact the Collectiva firm by telephone at 1-844-287-4270 or visit the website for the Sixties Scoop class action at 

You can also watch the two following videos: