• First Nations Wellness Day and Suicide Prevention Week
Mar 13, 2019

First Nations Wellness Day

Each year, on February 1, the FNQLHSSC promotes the First Nations Wellness Day to foster awareness on individual and collective wellness among First Nations. In 2011, the chiefs of the Assembly of First Nations Quebec-Labrador (AFNQL) adopted a resolution establishing this day, following a major Summit on Addictions.

In honour of the 2019 theme My Wellness, it’s up to me and I inspire myself!, the FNQLHSSC is developed a fun tool to encourage people to reflect on their wellness. It is a deck made up of 60 inspirational cards to use on a daily basis that comes with a poster promoting the First Nations Wellness Day. The cards contain messages that encourage people to be positive, that foster self-esteem and raise awareness on individual wellness.

Suicide Prevention Week

The 29th National Suicide Prevention Week took place on February 3-9. For the second year in a row, the week’s theme was Talking about Suicide Saves Lives. To mark this year’s edition, the FNQLHSSC designed a tool to encourage the promotion of human life throughout the year, a key element of prevention and wellness.

The creative journal encourages reflection, self-discovery, positive action and change. The goal is to empower people to get to know themselves better through positive and inspirational activities.

This tool and its content were inspired by the four elements of the medicine wheel, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, so a person can be better equipped to develop a holistic approach.

Communities and organizations interested in obtaining additional copies can send a request by email at