• Mobilization for the wellness of elders in Listuguj
Mar 13, 2019

Interveners who work with elders were mobilized in Listuguj at the end of January. To educate the interveners in the community and at the health and social services centre, two days of awareness sessions were organized. Activities equipped staff with tools to address various forms of disrespect towards elders.

A workshop was also offered to more than 43 elders in the community to discuss and reflect on the issue of abuse. In the end, 94 community members will have participated in the “It's not right!” training session on elder abuse. This mobilization of interveners and elders ended with a festive community supper and music by a community band.

By constructively mobilizing for the wellness of elders, community interveners pooled their thoughts on the best practices for raising awareness around the important role elders play in our families, cultures and communities.