• Portrait of homelessness in Quebec
Mar 13, 2019

As part of the Plan d’action interministériel en itinérance 2015-2020 – Mobilisés et engagés pour prévenir et réduire l’itinérance (interdepartmental action plan for homelessness 2015-2020 – engaged and committed to prevent and reduce homelessness), the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS) is currently conducting a second portrait of homelessness in Quebec. This portrait features four components. The first component, which was conducted last spring, aims to document visible homelessness based on the results of the enumeration of homeless individuals. The second component aims to document hidden homelessness and its scope and characteristics. The third component aims to document the use of services by people who are homeless. Finally, the fourth component aims to expand the knowledge regarding people faced with homelessness through a qualitative approach.

The portrait is scheduled to be published in March 2020.

The FNQLHSSC is collaborating in the project through its participation on the advisory committee for the second portrait of homelessness. The FNQLHSSC also proposed to include in the 2015-2020 action plan a measure aimed at conducting a portrait of First Nations homelessness in Quebec. Also, the Portrait of Homelessness in First Nations Communities in Quebec was produced and published in 2016.

For more information on the second portrait of homelessness in Quebec, please visit the website of the MSSS.