• The FNQLHSSC celebrates International Mother Language Day
Mar 13, 2019

To mark International Mother Language Day, which took place this past February 21, the Assembly of First Nations encouraged all the regions of Canada to organize activities for showcasing the diversity of our languages and the importance of preserving them. In collaboration with the AFNQL, the FNQLHSSC organized a learning activity to allow employees to discover Wendat, the language spoken in the territory where our offices are located.

The activity, which brought together more than 30 participants, was called “Discovering the Wendat language.” It was in the form of a rally comprising three stations. At each station, the participants answered a series of questions to evaluate their learning. “SKAT,” the first station was devoted to the history and revitalization of the Wendat language, while the second one, “TENDIH,” focused on vocabulary with the use of dictionaries and interactive materials available at the website As a way of reviewing the activity, the third station, “AHCHIENHK,” had the participants associate images with the proper corresponding words.

The activity ended with a meal. The participants enjoyed the event very much and would like to see more introductory and awareness activities about languages given internally in the future.