• First Nations Youth Leadership Camp: A highly promising partnership between the New Pathways Foundation and the Breakfast Club of Canada
Feb 19, 2014
Wendake, February 19, 2014 – A group of 40 First Nations youths who live in or have lived in foster families will be taking part in the First Nations Youth Leadership Camp to be held later this year in September at Quyon, a community located close to Ottawa. The activity, which is being organized by the New Pathways Foundation in collaboration with the Breakfast Club of Canada and the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission (FNQLHSSC), will allow the youths to develop their self-esteem.

For six days, these First Nations youths, coming from all parts of Quebec and selected for their motivation to get involved in their community, will be able to explore their dreams and discover new interests through cooperative activities, sports, theatre, team games and more. The activities will include a cultural component.

“Our goal is to see the youths acquire the skills they need in order to develop and maintain good self-esteem and return home with the strength and courage that will allow them to achieve the goals they set for themselves and their community,” said New Pathways Foundation President Mickel Robertson.

“The Breakfast Club of Canada is going all out to accomplish its mission, which is to offer a healthy and nutritious breakfast in an environment that promotes self-esteem. Through its Breakfast makes me shine program, the Club helps to strengthen young people’s abilities and self-confidence. It was with this vision in mind that the Club’s Leadership Camp was created. Working in collaboration with the First Nations to support their efforts is a source of pride for us,” added the Breakfast Club’s president and founder, Daniel Germain.

A golden opportunity

A team of energetic facilitators and experienced counsellors will supervise the youths in a nurturing atmosphere, where the emphasis will be placed on the strengths of the participants. The Leadership Camp is an opportunity to create a generation of socially engaged young people and to encourage positive and responsible behaviours.

“The First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission (FNQLHSSC) is proud be closely collaborating in this initiative. The Youth Leadership Camp for First Nations’ youths is a project that I have cherished for several years. To see it come to life is a source of great satisfaction. We have many young people, they are wonderful and they have their dreams. They are counting on all of us to help make those dreams come true!” noted FNQLHSSC Executive Director Marjolaine Siouï.

Other partners include the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation, Exeko and Aeroplan.

About the New Pathways Foundation

In 2001, Canada placed 8th among the 174 nations ranked by the Human Development Index of the United Nations. Using the same criteria, the First Nations would occupy the 76th spot on the index, based on information from the Assembly of First Nations (AFN).
With the funding it raises, the Foundation contributes towards improving the living conditions of the First Nations, by supporting initiatives that promote the social and human development of the people in their communities.

About the Breakfast Club of Canada

The Breakfast Club of Canada comes to the assistance of vulnerable children by making sure they get a nutritious breakfast at school and by creating an environment and projects that feed their self-esteem as well. The Breakfast Club joins forces with communities and regional organizations to find the best approach for accomplishing these goals.

Backed by its strong experience, the Breakfast Club of Canada has been organizing youth camps since 2001, giving young people a chance to discover their strengths, develop their self-esteem and become socially engaged leaders.

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