• Education of First Nation Children
Aug 28, 2014

Wendake, August 27, 2014 – On three occasions in the past months the AFNQL Chiefs have sincerely and formally invited the federal Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, Bernard Valcourt, to work with them on improving education services for First Nations children. The Minister refuses to meet with them, without any explanation.

Education of our children is a very high priority for First Nations parents, teachers, experts, Chiefs and Council within the AFNQL. "Another school year is about to start, bringing back again the failed Aboriginal Affairs policies on education, and all we have in front of us is the stubbornness of this Minister. This is totally unacceptable", declares Chief Lloyd Phillips.

The AFNQL Chiefs in their recent invitation letters to the Conservative Minister of Aboriginal Affairs have offered to work with him to replace his failed Education Bill by implementing real solutions to the real problems facing First Nation Education after decades of federal bureaucracy mismanagement.

"This Minister stated publicly on many occasions that he and his government are committed to improving education of our children. We are ready to work in the best interest of our children. The time to start working together on a respectful basis is right now", added Chief Gilbert Whiteduck.

The Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada department is a multi-billion bureaucracy whose mandate is to help First Nations and other Aboriginal peoples to improve their socioeconomic situation. A Crown Minister refusing systematically to clearly and objectively assess what is not working in his ministry, and persisting in maintaining failed policies and imposing top down unilateral solutions is not doing his job. This is a major betrayal of the children he is supposed to help. This stubbornness on the part of this Conservative Minister is also a major misuse of taxpayer’s money, which has to be denounced publicly.

The AFNQL is a regional organization consisting of 43 Chiefs of First Nations in Quebec and Labrador. For more information, visit its website at www.apnql-afnql.com.

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