• It’s Flu Season…
Feb 04, 2015

Did you know that each year up to 7 million Canadians get the flu? An average of 12,200 Canadians are admitted to the hospital due to the flu, and approximately 3,500 Canadians die from the flu.

Do you know how to recognize flu symptoms? The Healthy Canadians website offers a wealth of information on the flu and how to tell the difference between cold and flu symptoms. Visit the page Is it a cold or the flu?
The keep the flu at bay: 

Get your flu shot, immunization is the most effective way to prevent it!
Wash your hands frequently.
Cough and sneeze into your arm, not your hand.
If you get sick, stay home.

Also visit the Quebec government health portal Portail santé mieux-être to find important information on the flu.

We hear more and more about enterovirus D68, which is related to the common cold virus. To find out more about it, read the Public Health Agency of Canada's public health update on enterovirus D68.


Source: Health Canada