• Plan d’action interministériel en itinérance 2015-2020 (free translation: 2015-2020 interdepartmental action plan on homelessness)
Mar 11, 2015

The Minister for Rehabilitation, Youth Protection and Public Health, Lucie Charlebois, released last December 7th, the 2015-2020 interdepartmental action plan on homelessness.


This action plan results from the many studies that have been conducted in Quebec in recent years relating to the fight against homelessness and, in particular, the fight against homelessness national policy entitled Ensemble, pour éviter la rue et en sortir (free translation: Together, to avoid and get off the street).

As you know, the Ministère de la Santé et des Services Sociaux (MSSS) has also released in recent days, the study entitled l'Itinérance au Québec – Premier portrait (free translation: homelessness in Quebec – first portrait) as well as the report on the 2010-2013 interdepartmental action plan on homelessness.   

You can access all of these documents on the MSSS’s website. Also, you will find the associated press releases here.