• Samian becomes the sponsor for the New Pathways Foundation
Mar 11, 2015

The New Pathways Foundation, whose mission is to contribute to the improvement of the conditions of life of the First Nations by supporting initiatives that target the human and social development of individuals within their communities, is proud to announce that Algonquin singer Samian has agreed to support the Foundation’s work by becoming its new sponsor.

Artist Samian says that the situations of the First Nations children and youth in Quebec is a cause for concern: “After having visited many communities and met with many young people, I have unfortunately seen that there are many needs, which are often urgent, among the youth in our communities. The current government programs are not meeting all of these needs. The New Pathways Foundation directly supports youth and their families by contributing in a significant manner to their well-being.”

This is not a new observation. First Nations are struggling with major social problems. At the beginning of the chain, there is poverty, food insecurity, housing problems, disease and difficulties related to accessing quality education.


The New Pathways Foundation's mission is to contribute to improving the living conditions of the First Nations by supporting initiatives that focus on the social and human development of the individuals within their communities.


Happy and grateful to be receiving Samian’s support, Mickel Robertson, President of the Foundation, said: “Samian is a positive figure for First Nations. He represents our realities well and we believe that his association with the New Pathways Foundation is a major asset to our cause.”


For more information: www.nouveauxsentiers.com