• To gain a better understanding of the realities of First Nations: pre-clinical training for a medical student at the Minowé Clinic
Mar 11, 2015

Harrison Saulnier, a medical student, opted to receive his pre-clinical training at the Minowé Clinic in order to gain an understanding of the living environments and cultural behaviours of the First Nations.  

This training gave him the opportunity to learn about things that cannot be learned in medical books or classes. This immersion in an Aboriginal context will allow him to provide better care to First Nations. His interventions will focus on treating the person rather than just the disease.

The Minowé Clinic is located at the Val d’Or Native Friendship Centre. It offers culturally-appropriate outreach services intended for Aboriginal people and is designed to meet the specific needs of the Aboriginal community.

The Minowé Clinic is defined as a model of social innovation that promotes a culturally appropriate intervention approach which contributes to the well-being of Aboriginal children and their families.