• Bachelor of service social work program at Laval University
Mar 12, 2015

Beginning in the fall session of 2015, the Bachelor of Social Work Program at Laval University will be reserving two spaces each year for First Nations students who are not eligible for the program according to the regular conditions.

Students must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a First Nation member or Inuit under the Indian Act (R.S.C., c. 1-5) or be on the register of Inuit beneficiaries;
  • Be a resident of Quebec;
  • Indicate membership of a First Nation community on the application for admission;
  • Possess a college or university diploma with an academic score insufficient for admission to the Bachelor of Social Work Program, but greater than 22.

Applications for admission submitted by candidates will be evaluated according to the following elements, which must be provided along with the application:

  • Quality of school file
  • Letter of motivation


Persons who are interested in this program and meet the above criteria are invited to submit their application for admission before March 1, 2015. Applications may be submitted to: http://www2.ulaval.ca/en/admissions/apply-for-admission.html


For more information about the admission requirements for the undergraduate programs in social work at Laval University, see: http://www.svs.ulaval.ca/?pid=1538 [French only]


You can also contact the person responsible for admissions to the Bachelor’s Program: bernadette.dallaire@svs.ulaval.ca