• 2014 North American Indigenous Games Study Reveals Profound Social Impact
Jul 15, 2015

 In July of 2014, over 4000 Indigenous Youth, from across Canada and the United States, gathered to celebrate the power of sport, culture and community at the Regina 2014 North American Indigenous Games (NAIG). Praxis Research Strategy was commissioned by the NAIG Council to conduct an evaluation of the impact of the NAIG on participants and team volunteers. The final report, based on over 580 survey responses from participants, coaches and volunteers, presented significant positive social impacts. A summary of the findings are as follows: 

Sports Involvement

96% of participants indicated their intent to stay actively involved in competitive sport after 2014 NAIG

26% indicated entering into competitive sport as a result of 2014 NAIG

Lifestyle Choices

52% of athletes improved the healthiness of their diets for 2014 NAIG

97% indicated their intent to maintain their healthy diets post-2014 NAIG

70% of athletes indicated their intent to pursue at least a University degree

25% of athletes indicated their intent to pursue a graduate studies designation

52% of participants believed NAIG had an influence or great influence on their decision to pursue further education

Self Confidence and Worth

77% believed they felt different about themselves after participating in 2014 NAIG 

91% believe that others in their communities saw them as role models

69% felt that their experience at 2014 NAIG positively influenced the way others saw them

89% said they felt more confidence from competing in 2014 NAIG 

63% felt more connected with their Indigenous heritage as a result of 2014 NAIG

The NAIG are also unique in their focus on maintaining culturally significant sports including lacrosse, marathon canoe, archery, and rifle shooting. Fittingly, the majority of athletes felt more connected with their Indigenous heritage as a result of their participation in the 2014 NAIG. North American Indigenous Games: The Spirit, Strong – Brave - True North American Indigenous Games Council Inc. Suite 411, 35-2855 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3T 2H5 www.naigcouncil.com

The NAIG Council believe the cultural aspect of the games is equally important as the sport program. Eloquently put by one participant, "NAIG made me feel like I belong, that I am proud to be Indigenous."

The North American Indigenous Games is a unique international multi-sport competition that provides a vital forum for advancing the development of Indigenous sport. The NAIG has materially increased the level of community wellness among Aboriginal peoples in Canada.

Read the entire NAIG Social Impact Study by clicking the link below;


Questions about the NAIG and the Social Impact Study can be directed to NAIG Council via email at info@naigcouncil.com.