• Thunderbird Partnership Foundation releases its 2015-­2016 Annual Report
Aug 16, 2016

The Board of Directors and staff of the Thunderbird Partnership Foundation are pleased to announce the release of their 2015-­2016 Annual Report. As you will see, 2015-­2016 was a solid year, with progress on promoting and implementing the Honouring Our Strengths: A Renewed Framework to Address Substance Use Issues Among First Nations in Canada and the First Nations Mental Wellness Continuum framework. Both frameworks support a paradigm shift in Indigenous addictions and mental health services in Canada, which focus on strengths, ensures a systems approach, and begins with culture as the foundation.


Highlights include:

• 250% increase in training courses facilitated across Canada

• new universal access to the Native Wellness Assessment™

• progress on the NNADAP Wage Parity lobby effort


To view our Annual Report in English, please click here:


Please join us in celebrating another successful year supporting Indigenous addictions and mental health services. To find out more about our training courses, the Native Wellness Assessment™, or other resources and initiatives, visit our website, thunderbirdpf.org, or contact us at info@thunderbirdpf.org, 1-­866-­763-­4714.