• National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls: the Couillard Government Continues to refuse to Meet its Responsibilities and Hides behind the Feds
Aug 18, 2016

Wendake, August 17, 2016 – The Government of Quebec responded to the minimum required by the federal Government to collaborate with the National Inquiry into the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.

"We were expecting a lot more from the Couillard Government as we gave a clear indication of our expectations: the Chiefs of the AFNQL have been asking since December 2015, that this government have the courage to launch an independent provincial inquiry into the relationship between police forces and First Nations. The National Inquiry must not provide an easy escape to a province that refuses to meet its own responsibilities", stated Ghislain Picard, Chief of the AFNQL.

From the AFNQL’s perspective, the decree adopted today by Quebec is essentially a formality to provide the commissioners the powers to investigate problems experienced in Quebec.

"With a government that stubbornly refuses to address fundamental issues, we have every reason to remain very concerned especially when nothing has emerged yet from the SPVM investigations about last year’s alleged cases of abuse in Val d'Or. Faced with this unknown, the AFNQL will continue to exert pressure so that the truth comes out and justice be rendered to women, girls, families and communities", concluded Ghislain Picard.

About the AFNQL

The Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador is the political organization regrouping 43 Chiefs of the First Nations in Quebec and Labrador. www.apnql-afnql.com.

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