• National Assembly: Another Session Marked by the Couillard Government’s Arrogance?
Sep 20, 2016

Wendake, September 19, 2016 – With the start of a new session for the provincial parliament in Quebec, the AFNQL hopes that Couillard Government will finally find the courage to deal with First Nations issues, and put an end to its arrogant attitude.

“Contempt for the Aboriginal and Treaty rights and title which should be taken into account for any issue related to territory or resources, by their refusal to set up the public inquiry we have been calling for on the relationship between police forces and our Peoples, by not keeping with the commitments they made at the beginning of its mandate, Philippe Couillard’s government continues to demonstrate arrogance towards First Nations which will need to be explained”, notes Ghislain Picard, Chief of the AFNQL.

“How many bills marked by contempt towards us will be introduced to the provincial Parliament in the coming weeks, such as the one the new energy policy? The entire population of Quebec must question the negligence of the Couillard Government about its responsibilities and attitude often close to confrontation”, adds Ghislain Picard.

At the point where the federal government promotes the essential reconciliation with First Nations, the AFNQL deplores that the provincial government led by Philippe Couillard refuses to move in this positive direction, even going as far as to use federal initiatives, such as the inquiry on missing and murdered Indigenous women, to justify its own inaction and refusal to take responsibility. The AFNQL urges the Couillard Government to reconsider its retrograde positions and finally engage in the path of reconciliation.

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