• Community sharing in the fight against tobacco
Nov 01, 2016

Community sharing in the fight against tobacco

A little more than a year has passed since the introduction of the Federal Tobacco Control Strategy! The communities have been busy and have already taken a number of steps to reduce smoking rates among First Nations members. Congratulations to everyone who invested effort and perseverance in the projects. Thanks to your actions, the communities can breathe easier!



Good deeds in the communities


We are pleased to share with you a great achievement in the communities of Uashat and Mani-Utenam: an information bulletin on tobacco entitled Le tabac... en feuilles. The bulletin is presented in two languages and sent to community members by mail. It contains witness accounts, tools, ideas for tobacco control projects and much more! We invite you to read it and find inspiration in the commitment of the Uauitshitun Centre health and social services workers in their fight against smoking (French version only).


Le tabac en feuille  (PDF) (french only)


We also wish to share with you the tobacco use prevention and reduction project carried out by the Youth Coalition Against Smoking in Mashteuiatsh, made up of grade 5 and grade 6 students attending Amishk school. With the help of the health centre nurse, they created six posters each featuring a theme and slogan related to smoking. The posters were then placed on display in different locations within the community. To view these posters: 





















To learn more about potential projects of the Youth Coalition Against Smoking



Do not hesitate to let us know about your achievements to support the fight against smoking because they are a great source of inspiration for the communities.



The Tobacco Control Act: new measures in effect since May 26, 2016


Since May 26, smoking is prohibited in vehicles carrying persons under the age of 16 and in the following locations frequented by children:

  • In outdoor parks for children;
  • On sports fields and playgrounds;
  • On the grounds of summer camps;
  • On the grounds of childcare and day care centres and educational institutions (preschool, primary school, secondary school, including adult-education centres and vocational-training centres).


Smoking is also prohibited in public spaces of residential buildings that have 2 to 5 units and on commercial terraces, including those of restaurants and bars.


For more information.



The innovative Breathe-Easy Kit


With the entry into effect of the new measures of the Tobacco Control Act, we would like to propose a policy model for smoke-free public spaces insert le document WORD. This tool can help you draft a policy for smoke-free public places in your community. Use it as inspiration to develop your own policy.



Did you know?


Since August 26, tobacco sales outlets (convenience stores, grocery stores) are prohibited from selling tobacco products that are flavoured or scented (for example, mint and chocolate) with anything other than tobacco.



Support for you and your projects


It is a pleasure to support you in planning, deploying and evaluating your tobacco control activities. May we remind you that specific support to quit smoking may be offered (e.g., coaching, mini-training session) by the end of March 2017, thanks to the cooperation of a resource person at the health and social services centre in Sherbrooke.


In closing we wish everyone a great fall!


Contact Geneviève Voyer or by telephone at (418) 842-1540.