• A productive fall for the health and social services governance process
Dec 20, 2016

The months of October and November 2016 were very productive for the health and social services governance process! In addition to meeting with Diane Lafleur, the Deputy Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, the FNQLHSSC team also visited the community of Kahnawake, met with the Committee of Partners supporting the process and organized a regional meeting with participants from 19 communities.


The regional meeting, which was held on November 9–10, was prompted reflection on planning in the area of community health and wellness, which is a key aspect of the new effective governance by and for First Nations. Discussion with participants led to the drafting of 14 guidelines to oversee community planning. Participants also had an opportunity to attend a presentation by Carol Hopkins,[1] Executive Director of the Thunderbird Partnership Foundation. A video of this presentation, and the one given by Gilbert Whiteduck[2] at the pre-AGA in July 2016, will be available online soon.


Two other regional meetings will be held in the coming months to continue the ownership and model-building process for the governance of First Nations’ health and social services in Quebec. Communities are invited to Québec City on March 14–15, 2017, to begin thinking about how to support the communities under the new governance framework. Discussions will continue in the spring on the responsibilities that First Nations want to take collectively.


For questions on the governance process or to organize a visit to your community by the FNQLHSSC team, please contact Patrice Lacasse, Governance Counsellor, at 418-842-1540, ext. 2103, or at patrice.lacasse@cssspnql.com.


[1] Carol Hopkins’ presentation was entitled Indigenous Governance: The First Nations Mental Wellness Continuum Framework and Culture as the Foundation for Governance in Health and Social Services.

[2] Gilbert Whiteduck’s presentation was entitled Culture as the Underpinning and Source of Nourishment for Health and Social Services Governance.