• Positive assessment of the first edition of the Early Childhood Week
Dec 21, 2016

Positive assessment of the first edition of the Early Childhood Week

More than a quarter of the communities have come forward to create some twenty-five activities for the Early Childhood Week. Several hundred children and parents took part.

Included in the program were early childhood promotion and prevention activities; parent-child activities; the creation of a commitment tree; the broadcasting of stories and songs on community radio; performances and fairs; Children’s Day and family celebrations; walks and human chains; and breakfasts. Many communities made use of the material provided for the Early Childhood Week (First Nations component), which will also be used by other communities for future activities.

The FNQLHSSC contributed to eight activities, including one in collaboration with the Crees. Indeed, on November 21, the FNQLHSSC and representatives from the Grand Council of the Crees (Child and Family Services Department) presented their data on early childhood during the launch of the Observatoire des tout-petits.

As part of other FNQLHSSC activities, the “Hand in Hand for the Little Ones” logo was modified to include First Nations colours. Moreover, this first edition introduced the Early Childhood Week to eleven First Nations, Cree and Inuit organizations. The FNQLHSSC’s Facebook page was used to share activities and four Wapikoni Mobile videos with the theme “children.” Lastly, kits reached 132 multiplying agents in First Nations, Cree and Inuit communities and organizations, including 83 in French and 49 in English. These kits include a briefing note, a cartoon providing data on early childhood, seven candles representing the seven generations and the Seven Grandfather Teachings, some buttons and a purchase order for additional promotional material with the colours of the Early Childhood Week national campaign.

A second edition may take place in 2017, in partnership with the First Nations, Crees and Inuit.