Feb 14, 2017

Inspiring. Conveying. Undertaking.

Inspiring. Conveying. Undertaking was the theme chosen for the first ever First Nations Gathering on the Social Economy (FNGSE). This event, that took place at the Hôtel Plaza in Québec City, on February 8-9, brought together over 200 people representing 26 First Nations communities and Inuit villages, several regional social economy hubs, the provincial and federal governments, organizations involved in supporting the social economy and First Nations, social economy enterprises, professionals involved in socio-economic issues, chiefs from several First Nations, and First Nations regional organizations.


The FNGSE was organized by the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission (FNQLHSSC), in collaboration with the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Economic Development Commission (FNQLEDC) and other affiliated partners. The event provided an ideal opportunity for networking, mobilizing and knowledge sharing among the First Nations and all stakeholders in the social economy.


Geoffrey Kelley, who is Quebec’s Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, attended the Partners’ Evening on February 8 and his presence was greatly appreciated.

“What we want above all is to create a large network and inform the First Nations about the multiple possibilities and advantages of the social economy. The social and cultural structure of the First Nations has always been founded on collaboration and cooperation. Solidarity, sharing, personal autonomy and respect of the land and its ecosystems are therefore all part of our fundamental values,” said FNQLHSSC Executive Director Marjolaine Siouï.

“We are convinced that the social economy offers, parallel to private and community-based business development, an effective path for ensuring development in the First Nations,” added FNQLEDC Executive Director Mickel Robertson.


This gathering was organized in collaboration with the First Nations Social Economy Regional Table, which was created following the submission of the 2015-2020 Government Action Plan for the Social Economy. Coordinated by the FNQLHSSC in partnership with the FNQLEDC, the round table has the mission to promote the social economy among First Nations in Quebec, which includes encouraging joint action and partnerships at the local, regional and national levels.