Oct 12, 2017
Since last April, community data from the Regional Health Survey (RHS) are available through the SyGED-Cycle convention of the FNQLHSSC.

This convention provides secure access to information from each of the communities that participated in the projects of the FNQLHSSC’s research sector. Therefore, the communities can access their community data through the person responsible for the data identified in each community. 

The analysis strategy has been adopted and the report is in the process of being drafted. This regional report will provide a picture of the health status of First Nations living
in communities. Several themes will be discussed including language and culture, access to services, home care, diabetes, nutrition and physical activity.

If you have any questions about the population surveys, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Jonathan Leclerc at 418 842-1540, extension 2502, or at jonathan.leclerc@cssspnql.com.