• Indian Residential Schools Resolution Health Supports Program
Oct 17, 2017

Continuation Beyond 2017-2018 – Message for Regions


  • Health Canada recognizes that healing from the intergenerational impacts of residential schools is a complex, personal and an ongoing journey for many former students and their families.


  • As such, Health Canada continues to prioritize targeted mental health, emotional and cultural support services for former Indian Residential Schools students and their families, until all the obligations under the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement are complete.


  • Progress on the status of the Independent Assessment Process is proactively disclosed on the Indian Residential School’s Adjudication Secretariat website. To date, more than 97% of all Independent Assessment Process claims have been resolved. Of those outstanding claims, resolutions of a small number of claims will continue until 2019-2020, with final close-up activities to follow. http://www.iap-pei.ca/ca-message-eng.php


  • Health Canada will seek authority to uphold commitment of the Settlement Agreement and will continue to work with partners to ensure that eligible former residential schools students and their families may continue to access the mental health, emotional and cultural support services they need to heal from the legacy of residential schools.


  • Health Canada also recognizes that there will be an ongoing need for access to mental wellness supports and services after the Settlement Agreement is complete as former students and their families continue on their healing journey, and will work with partners and communities to help to address this need.