• Update on the work surrounding the development of an information governance framework
Dec 14, 2017

Under the new effective health and social services governance model developed by First Nations, decision-making will be guided by the collective goal of improving wellness. This decision-making will have to rely on quality data and indicators that reflect the needs and realities of First Nations.

The information assets of First Nations
are comprised of cultural, administrative
and personal information as well as information
n the territory, resources and the environment.
These assets include our history, legends, archives,
knowledge and memory.


At the pre-AGA of the FNQLHSSC in July 2016, the participants raised the need for more powers and capacities to protect, share and use First Nations information. It was affirmed that an information governance framework would be useful, namely a document designed by and for First Nations containing guidelines to better regulate the information assets of First Nations.


Reflections on the framework continued at the pre-AGA in July 2017. A workshop allowed the participants to reflect on the contents of the framework. The results of this workshop will guide the work of the working committee that was set up to draft the framework. The summary reports of the pre-AGAs in 2016 and 2017 can be found on the FNQLHSSC website.


A draft version of the framework will be tabled in the coming year for validation purposes. The final version should be disseminated in the winter of 2019.